Part Four – Remembering with Love

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"Love doesn't make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

                              -Franklin P. Jones

We had a wonderful time exploring love, discovering what it means to us all, and finding ways to share it with others.

In our first blog, we discussed the meaning of love and asked what it means to you and your children.  Above, you will see our word art with all the answers we received from our followers!  The top two answers we received were that love means family and kindness.  Here are some of the responses we received from our little friends when we asked them: "what does love mean to you?"

"Trusting my Mommy and Daddy." -Aliyah, 6 years old.

"Liking someone."-Neel, 6 years old.

"Liking myself."-Raksha, 6 years old.

"Loving somebody so you can hug." -Arya, 6 years old.

"Being nice."-Sofia, 5 years old.

"When someone is nice and does things for others.  That's what love means to me!" -Samuel, 5 years old.

"Being kind." -Cooper, 7 years old.

For our second blog, we spoke about the root of love (loving ourselves), love versus fear and how you can talk to and help your children when dealing with their own fears with love, reflection and understanding. We hope the exercise in the blog was something that could help you and your kids!

In our third blog of the month, we explored sharing love, how Joy Sun Bear shares love, and a fun rock painting activity to put love into action.  We even gathered at a local park with some of our friends for some fun time in the sun with some Joy Sun Bear art activities, snacks and fun!  The children all LOVED the rock painting activity and took their rocks home to give to others and spread love.  They also enjoyed our little coloring station where they could color and take home our coloring activity page about China!

We had a great day with friends, being creative and spreading good energy! It was a special opportunity for us to get involved with our neighbors and grow the Joy Sun Bear community.  Here are some pics from our fun day at the park!

Love Rocks!

We are excited to share and explore our next emotion with you and hope you join us and participate! 

Have a lovely end of February!

-Joy Sun Bear Family

We love making new friends...Facebooktwitterpinterestmail Please share us with yours!

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