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On this page you'll find all the resources you need, right at your fingertips, to help raise your young children to be excited, respectful, and responsible global citizens.

We believe the next generation deserves the chance to work together, across borders and cultural divides, to strengthen the world with peace and respect for each other and the environment.

Joy Sun Bear provides wonderful resource for global education for children. It brings diverse culture to the world of our children!
Amanda Hsiung Blodgett Mom/Author/Language Coach/Founder of Miss Panda Chinese
I am trying to raise my kids to be aware about the world around them, and Joy Sun Bear helps parents like me by sharing wonderful activities for kids about world cultures. Fabulous resources!
Becky Morales Mom/Educator/Author/Speaker/Founder of Kid World Citizen
Such a creative way to get kids excited about the world! Always such fun and inspiring learning activities!
Leanna Guillen Mora Mom/Homeschool Educator/Blogger and Founder of All Done Monkey and Multicultural Kids Blogs
Wonderful, accurate and exciting! Joy Sun Bear makes multicultural learning with kids both educational and fun!
Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou Musician/Founder of DARIA MUSIC
I love how this site educates us regarding different cultures and their tradition, cuisine and values. It's always fun to go an adventure with Joy Sun Bear. 🙂
Sowmya Kamath Mom
Joy Sun Bear centers around love which is one of the many reasons it’s a fantastic educational platform for families and teachers around the world. It’s such a wonderful resource and brand. I highly recommend it!
Karen Mancilla Mom
Joy Sun Bear is an absolute delight! I've followed him via Imagiread and learned all about his journey as a a kind-hearted ambassador for inclusivity and social responsibility. Tackling important topics like self-actualization, making and keeping friends and celebrating culture, this bear is going places and we're thrilled to be along for the ride!
Tiffany Rachann Mom/Author/Educator/Founder of Imagiread
This is such a positive and informational site. Love all the creativity!
Christa Jiménez Mom/Blogger and Founder of Pura Vida Moms
Joy Sun Bear has excellent and creative ways to teach children about multicultural issues.
Lisa Ferland Mom/Author/Founder of Knocked Up Abroad and Lisa Ferland Consulting
Posts are always full of radiant ideas and positive energy!
Varya Sanina-Garmroud Mom/Educator/Founder of Creative World of Varya
We love Joy Sun Bear!!!! Where else can you find fabulous resources to teach about peace and civic education!! Lovely!
Johana C Castillo-Rodriguez Mom/Blogger/Founder of
A lovely page to open the minds of our children. Educate them in a fun and interesting way.
Lisa Sadleir Mom/Founder of Cooking with Languages and Family Life in Spain
Joy Sun Bear is a visually appealing, interesting website, full of resources for exploring the the world with your little ones.
Rita Rosenback Grandmother/Author/Blogger/Family Language Coach and Speaker
Joy Sun Bear is so committed to a multicultural education filled with diverse books and culturally rich experiences! A fantastic resource for all families dedicated to raising global citizens!
Bethany Edwards Mom/Educator/Founder of Biracial Bookworms/Author
A great page and a fun resource for helping kids learn more about the amazing diversity of the world.
Ilze Ievina Mom/Writer/Blogger at Let the Journey Begin
I love how Joy Sun Bear is used to teach kids a topic that isn't necessarily easy for kids to understand. Cute bear = kids more likely to listen /learn.
Nicholette Thomas Mom/Author/Founder of
As an elementary educator, I understand the importance of developing global and cultural awareness in our youngest learners. Joy Sun Bear's travel adventures are a fun way to engage kids in learning about the people, places and traditions that create beautiful diversity in our world. Through rich informational text, videos, photographs, recipes, crafts, and coloring pages kids love seeing the world with Joy!
Julie Yeros Mom/Elementary Educator/Founder of Globe Trottin' Kids
Joy Sun Bear is an educational forum that allows teachers to bring the world to their classroom. It has made my job easy on how I can teach these amazingly tough kids about a world that they could never imagine was out there. That's what I love about [their] work. It's bright, colourful and connects with the curriculum which is just perfect. We love Joy Sun Bear!
Bronwyn Joyce Mom/Elementary Educator, Australia/Founder of Our Global Classroom

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