Author/Illustrator Visit types, fees, and book orders

Each visit can be customized to match your current curriculum's requirements. To see what topics we can cover in our visit, check out our School Visits Details page for more specifics.

We offer two types of author visits:

  • Local (Southern California)
  • Virtual (for individual classrooms)

Our visits are typically conducted by our Author and Illustrator John Lee, and the Creative Director and Content Editor, Shearin Lee. To arrange for both authors to attend your visit, please email us for availability and pricing changes.

We have noticed that the most successful visits are the ones where the students have had an opportunity to be exposed to our book or website. This allows us to have the most engaging experience possible for them. To help facilitate that, we ask that your school send home our book order form 3-4 weeks ahead of our visit.

  • Students who's parents order our book from can bring the book in the day of to have it signed.
  • Students who order the book through their teacher using the form will receive their book the day we visit and it will be signed then.

Of course, we understand if not every student can, or will wish to, order the book. For this reason, we encourage teachers to read the book aloud in class, which will also foster discussion around what topics and questions the students would like to discuss with us.

If one of the options below is appealing and you'd like additional information, or to schedule a virtual author visit, please email us at

Local School visits

-$200 per hour visit.

-$30 for travel beyond 50 miles.

-Percentage of pre-order book sales donated back to the school.**

-Free signed copy of our book for your school library.

We are based in Southern California and so anything within 90 minutes drive falls into the category of "local visit". These visits are a minimum of one hour including a Q&A session at the end.

**A percentage of book pre-orders through Joy Sun Bear (using our book order form) for a local visit will be donated to the school's parent/teacher organization or other literacy-promoting fund of their choice. Please see example under Book Order Form section to the right for more information. 


Classroom Virtual Visits

-30 minutes FREE

-$50 for each additional half-hour.

We're happy to virtually visit your classroom using Skype. These are typically limited to 30 minutes for one classroom, but are free and the easiest to incorporate into the class schedule.

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What happens at a visit?

Click here to learn more about what our visits entail, such as who will come and what they'll talk about.

Benefits of an author visit

Click here to read more about how having an author/illustrator visit your school benefits your students.


Fundraising for an author visit

While we need to charge for in-person visits to cover our time and travel expenses, we understand that schools have a limited budget to work with. To help, we recommend this webpage from, loaded with a variety of tips and tricks to:

  • Help raise funds through various events or cost-sharing with other schools
  • Gaining access to Title 1 funds
  • Applying for grants

Of course, we're here to help! With every local visit, we offer to donate a percentage of our pre-order book sales back to your school to help offset some of the cost of our visit (please see below for details). If you have questions, ideas, or other creative solutions and would like our input, email us to discuss. We'd love to hear from you!

Download our book order form

Download our book order form and send the Pre-Order Book Form to your students' home 3-4 weeks in advance for the most engaging experience.

No later than one week before the visit, please fill out and send the School Order Form to JSB via email, and a portion of those book sales will be donated back to the school's literacy fund, parent/teacher organization, or other related fundraising efforts!

Here are details of what percentage of book sales will be donated back to your school:

  • If 20-30 books are pre-ordered, your school will receive 20% of total book sales.
  • If 31-40 books are pre-ordered, your school will receive 30% of total book sales.
  • If 41 or more books are pre-ordered, your school will receive 40% of total book sales.

For example, if the school elects to have a paid visit and secures 50 pre-orders for books, JSB will donate $200 (50 books x $10/book) x .40) back to the school. Any book sales the day of the visit will go to Joy Sun Bear, Inc.

Teacher Portion (return to JSB)
Parents' portion (send home)

"Our The Adventures Of Joy Sun Bear The Blue Amber of Sumatra virtual author visit really inspired my students to pursue their own dreams. Our visit taught them that you can make anything happen as long as you set your mind to it, believe in yourself, and develop a plan to take action.

My students were ecstatic. They loved actually being able to meet the team responsible for creating this incredible read. They were thrilled they were willing to connect with us virtually. What an honor to actually be able to visit with a real author and illustrator of a book that you dearly love! Incredible! Students excitedly shared their favorite parts of The Adventures Of Joy Sun Bear The Blue Amber of Sumatra - which were many. They were able to share which characters were their favorites and why. One incredible aspect of our virtual visit with the Joy Sun Bear Team was being able to ask questions. Students asked what inspired them to write, how they developed ideas for certain characters, how illustrations were developed, and what potential ideas they had/have for future books. (They were hoping for an inside scoop!) It was an absolute treat to have Mr. Lee show drafts of his sketches and take us to a finished illustrations. What an incredible process! -Barbie Monty, Fifth Grade Teacher, FL.