Part 4 – Remembering with Joy

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Joyful January

We have had a great time discussing the meaning of the word "joy" and all the wonderful ways to discover, share and create it in our own lives.  

Back in 2016 during our first blog series, asked several people what "joy" means to them and collected all their answers to make a special project to share with all of you. Our purpose for this was to discover what joy means to people from all walks of life and realize that it has a similar purpose for everyone around the world.

Here is what people had to say...

"See the World with Joy" Photo by Joy Sun Bear, Inc.

The most common answer we received from our followers was that joy means love-and ultimately love is what connects us all! One of our favorite answers came from a six year old girl from California, U.S.A. who sent us a beautiful picture with what joy means to her (below): love and being kind to yourself. Her answer displays what we discussed in our second blog on how joy is an "inside job." We hope you had a chance to try the reflection exercise with your children and that it helped them relax, reflect over their day, and bring a sense of peace. We are more than happy to hear how it worked for you and your family, so please feel free to email us at and share.


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With love being the most popular meaning of joy for most people, we wanted to share these lovely pictures by some talented little artists who also believe joy means love.  Neel, 6 years old, from California, U.S.A. (above) drew several beautiful flowers because to him, joy is love and he loves flowers. 

In our third blog, we explored how to teach our kids to share joy with others. Sharing joy is what connects us and reminds us how kindness and love can change someone's life.

We hope your children have fun creating their own Sharing Joy Jars and keep track of the different ways they are sharing joy and making a difference in others' lives. Please send us pictures of their Sharing Joy Jars and let us know what their favorite way to share joy was!

We can't wait to share and explore another value with you and your children.

Have a joyful day everyone!

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We love making new friends...Facebooktwitterpinterestmail Please share us with yours!

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