Part One – What is Love?

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In 2016, we had a Word of the Month series that coincided with Joy's travel adventures. In addition to exploring a different country and culture every month, we also wanted to share a discussion about different emotions with parents, caregivers, teachers and kids. Read on to learn more on about the topic of love.

The Meaning of Love

Mahatma Gandhi said it best,"where there is love, there is life." Love is defined as an intense feeling of fondness, deep affection, warmth, endearment, and attachment. But love can be so much more than just that. Love can be when you recognize that something or someone is important in your life, and that they are part of how you define yourself. Like when a parent loves their baby, or when someone loves doing charity work, painting or creating music. All of these things are examples of when someone loves something that is a part of how they see themselves; a parent, a philanthropist, a painter, a musician. And as Gandhi's quote so beautifully describes above, when we embrace the things and people we love, we in turn let ourselves live. At the core, love is to accept yourself, others and situations for who/what they are.

Books are a great way to explore different emotions with kids. Here are some books about the subject of love that you can share with your children and students:

We would love to know what your favorite book is about love! Feel free to comment below to share with us and other parents and educators.

What Does Love Mean to You and Your Kids?

The beautiful thing about love is, although it is an emotion that can be felt by anyone, the way it is felt and expressed is unique for each individual.  We would love to know what love means to your and children and how it plays a part in your lives!

Share what love means to you and your children in two ways:

  1. Email us your answer(s)

  2. Post your answer(s) on our Facebook page, Joy Sun Bear, or tag us on Twitter@JoySunBear and use the hashtag #love.

Please share with your family and friends and encourage them to post what brings them love as well.

Have a lovely day!

-Joy Sun Bear Family

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We love making new friends...Facebooktwitterpinterestmail Please share us with yours!

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