The Blue Amber of Sumatra eBook and Classroom Reading Guide Combo



Download an eBook copy of The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear, The Blue Amber of Sumatra along with a copy of our Classroom Reading Guide in this discounted package deal!

Joy has found an unexpected friend in a group of animals who fled the sudden destruction of their forest home. But, his new friend, and the rest of the newcomers, are being blamed for the sacred figs that disappeared, overnight!

Joy finds himself on a mission to locate a mystical stone in order to prove the new animals are not to blame. Along the way, he’ll face many challenges, some put in his path by an unseen magical foe. He’ll learn about compassion and respect, and how to find the power within himself to save his rainforest from chaos and ruin. Perhaps, he’ll even help change the world…

Let this thorough, no-hassle classroom reading guide help you navigate your students through book #1 in the Joy Sun Bear series!

The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear, The Blue Amber of Sumatra is a magical adventure story! Filled with real-world facts and fun characters, it is great for first through fifth grade students. Learn more about the book on

We designed this no-prep guide with teachers, and their students, in mind! Inspired by the feedback received from a 5th grade teacher and her class, this guide includes:

  • Vocabulary lists by chapter help teachers pick out the words that will be new to students before they read,
  • Character design guide and prediction chart to kick-start reading comprehension,
  • Pre- and post-reading questions to prime students to think about each chapter,
  • Project ideas for single, group, and class projects related to each chapter,
  • Research ideas related to the story that can easily be integrated into a standard curriculum.

In addition you’ll also get:

  • crossword puzzle (with answer key) to test reading comprehension
  • character profile pages to promote creative writing and character development
  • and our fact-filled Sumatra coloring page for younger students.


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