Hi! I'm Joy Sun Bear!

I'm a curious and playful sun bear from an island called Sumatra. It's part of Indonesia, a big group of islands between Australia and China.

I like learning new things and making new friends. That's one of the reasons I love to travel the world! I enjoy visiting different countries and learning about the cultures there. Then, I share all that with you, my newest friends, in my Travel Journal. Come read about all my adventures and the fascinating people I meet around the world.

How does this sun bear cub get around so fast? Well, I'll tell you! I've got a magical red hot air balloon! I know, sounds weird right?! You are probably thinking, "how is a sun bear cub from Sumatra going to find and use an air balloon?" Well, there's a great story behind how I got it, and you can click here to check out my new book to learn more.

What is a Sun Bear?

  • Sun bears are the smallest bear species
  • We live in the tropical areas of southeast Asia
  • We have a light patch of fur on our chest
  • We are known for our extra long claws
  • We also have the longest tongue of any bear
  • We do not hibernate, and like to climb trees to find places to rest
  • We love to sleep in the trees and make canopy nests made by folding leafy branches over one another
  • Some of my other favorites foods to munch on are fruit, termites, little birds, rodents and lizards.  But, as you already know, I think the yummiest treat of all is HONEY! That explains why sun bears are also know as honey bears. 
  • Our cubs are super cute!

Coming Soon-Meet the Cast of Characters from our book