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This is a fun page just for kids! You can learn about Joy and his friends, his trips around the globe, download coloring activities, and even play great games about the world. Explore below and see what other kids have said about our website.

Joy Sun Bear and Friends

Learn more about Joy Sun Bear and his friends around the world.

See the World with Joy

Explore 10 different countries to learn more about the places Joy has visited.

Feel your Heart with Joy

Learn more about emotions, how to listen - and talk - about your feelings.

MultiCultural Book Reviews

Discover other cultures through various multicultural books!

Play Games

See a list of great games about the world!

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Color with Joy

Ask your parent's permission to print one of our many coloring pages celebrating special locations around the world.

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joy's friends around the globe

"What I love about joysunbear.com is that there is always a good thing or two to learn and it shows us what the world is all about."

--Tyson, age 9

"I love the educational pictures, photos and videos. Looking at Joy Sun Bear’s blog makes me want to travel. The blog teaches me about the world. There is always something new to learn the blog posts. It is easy to comment and read. It is easy to communicate to Joy Sun Bear.

--Lavendar, age 9

“What I love about joysunbear.com is there is always something new to teach us. There is new colouring sheets to colour in. He teaches us about the world. He teaches us about new languages its is easy to contact and easy to read.”

--Sharhna, age 9

“What I love about joysunbear.com is he teaches us new languages, it is fun. The colouring pages [are] real fun.”

--Liam, age 9

“I love joysunbear.com because it teaches me about the world so I learn about others. I love the videos! They teach me about respect and being kind.”

--Aliyah, age 8

“What I love about joysunbear.com [is that] we can talk to Joy Sun Bear via the website and on Twitter. I love the creative drawings and colouring linked to countries around the world. The website is easy to contact and easy to read. Joy Sun Bear teaches us new languages.”

--Betty, age 9