Part 1 – See the World with Joy!

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In 2016, we had a Word of the Month series that coincided with Joy's travel adventures. In addition to exploring a different country and culture every month, we also wanted to share a discussion about different emotions with parents, caregivers, teachers and kids. Read on to learn more on about the topic of joy.

Our social emotional blogs focus on sharing different words, typically an emotion, feeling or action, and discuss what it means to each of us, how to reflect on it and how it affects our relationships with others. We thought it would be fitting to celebrate and learn more about the word “joy” as our first word, and can’t wait to hear what it means to you!

The Meaning of Joy

The definition of the word “joy” is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. For being such a short word, “joy” holds so much meaning to us all.  Everyone in the world has felt joy in one moment or other in their lives. It connects us and is something we all love to feel and share with others. 

In this great blog, by Elizabeth Voyles on Organized Mom, she shares several great ways to teach your children about joy. The first one she mentions is to find the joy in your own life, so you can demonstrate it for your children.

This is very important for any value we want to teach our kids. If they don't see us acting on what we are trying to teach them, they won't believe it is important enough to learn. 

The special thing about joy is that it is not only unique to each individual, but it also something deep that can bring us a sense of peace and connection to who we really are. 

As parents and educators, we all want our children and students to feel joy. So it is nice to start conversations about what brings kids joy and what you can do as a family, or classroom, to incorporate more joy as a whole. Usually, a big contributor is everyone making an effort to share kindness. Each act of kindness can create more joy and connect us to one another.

In this Ted Talk video, Ingrid Fetell Lee talks where to find joy and how to create more of it in our lives.


What Does Joy Mean to You and Your Kids?

Now, it is your turn!  Joy Sun Bear would like to know what "joy" means to you and your kids.  Think about what brings you and your family joy and share it with us!  

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Joyful wishes to all!

-Joy Sun Bear Family



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We love making new friends...Facebooktwitterpinterestmail Please share us with yours!

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