Global Citizens Practice...

We love connecting with classrooms from around the world!  As global citizens, it is important to remember that we are all part of a global community. Our actions affect one another. Respecting our differences and connecting through sharing our cultures can help bring our world together.


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How to Use our Resources At Home or In the Classroom

Parents and educators can use our global education and character development resources to teach children and students the following:

  • Geography
  • Languages and counting
  • Food and recipes
  • Traditions and holidays
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Being a kid around the world
  • Multicultural stories
  • Crafts around the world
  • Diversity and connecting with others
  • Global issues
  • How kids can make a difference
  • Making friends
  • Social emotional learning

Joy Sun Bear's resources can help prompt discussions about the world and your students' place in it. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Use Joy's Travel Journal posts for reading comprehension exercises
  • Start class discussions that compare and contrast life in different countries
  • Encourage group discussions on how to address the global issues covered in the last post of each country
  • Compare and contrast holidays, meals, and other traditions from around the world
  • Watch videos on languages and traditions
  • Create a game or quiz to test students' comprehension of geography and country facts
  • Give your kids a creative break with one of our educational coloring pages

Check out our Classroom Guide for Book #1, The Blue Amber of Sumatra

With this comprehensive, no-prep guide, you can easily help your students navigate through Book #1 quickly and easily!

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading questions
  • Project ideas
  • Research prompts

For only $5.99 you can download it as a PDF and get started reading with Joy!

An Australian Global Classroom shows how it's done

Mrs. Joyce, a clever global educator from Australia, has been sharing Joy Sun Bear's adventures with her class for over 2 years now. We feel so honored to be a part of her curriculum! Her class was so excited to learn about different countries and cultures through Joy's perspective, and the feedback we got from the kids was inspiring and motivational.

Joy Sun Bear Day was a special day in her class where students got to dress up in clothing from the diverse countries Joy has visited. They made passports and took off in their imaginary airplane as they - virtually - traveled across the globe with Joy! Students read through Joy's stories, made crafts and engaged in our coloring activities. 

You can check out their classroom adventures in the gallery below. The blogs on the right share more about these global citizens and what they learned through Joy's adventures, resources and activities.