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Introducing foods from different cultures.

John Lee
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Hey everyone! My name is John, I'm one of the authors here at joysunbear.com and the illustrator as well.

I'd like to ask you all how you like to introduce new foods from different cultures to your little ones? Personally, if I can cover it with cheese my little girl will give it a try.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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We love watching youtube videos about how this food comes to us. For example, the coolest video we have ever seen was making of MOCHI!


Of course nothing will make most kids eat oysters! My daughter watched a video about the proper way to eat them (don't put lemon juice all over, not too many condiments etc) and she was so excited to eat it but didn't like it in the end. 

The best is of course to model eating it yourself as often as possible. Being cautions with new food is their natural self-preservation instinct. Once it's not a novelty to them they'll go for it.

I put it in perspective like this. I say "Your taste buds change and renew everyday. One day (maybe very soon) you might be ready for this. You can remind them about the time they used to hate some food and now they love it, and the other way around. Make them openminded to change. 


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Hello Elle!

Thank you so much for sharing the fascinating video on how to make mochi! We loved learning about how mochi is made (the mochi  makers are true masters) and have shared it with our followers on social media. 

We appreciate you sharing tips on how to get kids to each different foods. An open minded approach is very important and we love your tip on explaining how their taste buds will change. Kudos to your daughter for trying oysters, because I know many kids would be hesitate to do so! 🙂


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